Congratulations Peter!

Peter with his supervisors Dr. F. Kovacic (left) and Prof. Dr. K.-E. Jaeger (right). Pictures was taken by M.Holz.

The understanding of the "Lipase-specific foldase-aided folding of Lipase A from Pseudomonas aeruginosa" was the main aim of our PhD student Peter Dollinger. Using a broad variety of methods he investigated the structural correlation of foldase and lipase A.

Peter defended his thesis successfully on November 28 2018.


Congratulations Daniel!

Our iGRASPseed fellow Daniel Ciupka worked on the elucidation of the structural characteristics of plant enzyme Pyruvate Phoshpate Dikinas. On September 11th 2017 he defended his thesis with the title "Functional state modulation in PPDK connected to long-range structural coupling and multimerization" successfully. We wish Daniel all the best for his future career!

Congratulations Michael!

Congratulations to Michael! He defended his thesis with the title "The kinetics of α-synuclein aggregation: single fibril growth, β1-β2 contacts, membrane environments and dityrosine formation" successfully on August 8th 2017. We wish him all the best for his future career.


Congratulations Oliver!

With his very descriptive and well-grounded talk Oliver Schillinger defended his thesis with the title "On the Combined Power of Simulation and Experiment to Structure, Dynamics, Function and Assembly Mechanisms" successfully on July 13th 2017. Congratulations to Oliver! We wish him all the best for his future career.

Congratulations Ansgar!

On 6th of July 2017 our iGRASPseed fellow Ansgar Rühlmann defended his thesis entitled "Characterization and Protein Engineering of P450 Monooxygenases of the CYP154 Family for Biocatalysis" successfully. Congratulations Ansgar! We wish Ansgar all the best for his future!

Congratulations Thibault!

Our iGRASPseed fellow Thibault Viennet successfully defended his excellent PhD thesis entitled "Nuclear magnetic resonance insights into membrane and cellular systems" on May 18th 2017. He will stay at Heinrich Heine University for another six month before he will go to Boston. Congratulations and good luck for your future!

Congratulations Alex!

During his PhD research time our iGRASPseed fellow Alexander Minges investigated structure and function of the plant enzyme Pyruvatephosphate Dikinase (PPDK). Finally, he defended his thesis entitled "Structural and functional analysis of Pyruvatephosphate Dikinase" successfully on March 28th 2017. Congratulations!

Congratulations Timo!

On December 1st 2016 our iGRASPseed fellow Timo Piechatzek defended his PhD work about "Structural analysis of different sheep prion fibrils with the help of biophysical methods and Solid-State-NMR-Spectroscopy" successfully. Congratulations! We wish all the best to Timo for his future.

Congratulations Parul!

On November 24th 2016 our iGRASPseed fellow Parul Goel defended her PhD work about "Design, synthesis and biological evaluation of rhomboid protease specific inhibitors" successfully. Congratulations! We wish all the best to Parul for her future.

Congratulations Katherina!

Our iGRASPseed fellow Katherina Hemmen defended her excellent PhD work about "Structure and conformational fluctuations of Phage T4 lysozyme under native and denaturing conditions" successfully on 5th of July 2016. Congratulations! We wish all the best to Katherina for her future.

1st Place in pART of Research Contest!

That sciencific research can often result in impressive pictures was proven by our PhD student Michael Wördehoff successfully within the undefinedpART of Research Contest organized by the Heine Research Academies. His pictures was entitled "Fibrillen-Feuerwerk" ('Fibrils fireworks') and shows fibril clusters of the protein alpha-synuclein displayed with the help of fluorescence microscopy. Alpha-synuclein fibrils play a central role in the pathogenesis of Parkinson disease.

Michael works in the research group of Dieter Willbold and already published parts of his work (Wördehoff et al., J Mol Biol, 427(6): 1428-1435).

The selected images of this contest will be displayed in the first "pART of Research" calendar of Heine Research Academies (2017).

Congratulations Markus!

Our iGRASPseed fellow Markus Dick defended his excellent PhD work about "Structural Analysis of Activity and Stability in Acetaldehyde-dependent Aldolases" successfully on June 29th 2016. Congratulations! We wish all the best to Markus for his future work in his new research group of Holger Gohlke (HHU Düsseldorf).

6 iGRASPseed fellows finished their PhD

In December 2015, January and February 2016 six of our iGRASPseed fellows successfully defended their theses:

  • Dennis Della Corte (group of Jun.-Prof. Gunnar Schröder): His thesis was entitled 'Development and Application of Protein Refinement and Engineering Methods'.
  • Sakshi Khosa (Prof. Lutz Schmitt's group) with the thesis 'Nisin resistance in Streptococcus agalactiae'
  • Christina Möller (Dr. Philip Neudecker's group) worked on the topic 'NMR-spektroskopische Charakterisierung der Dynamik des Autophagie-relevanten Proteins GABARAP auf verschiedenen Zeitskalen'
  • Maren Thomaier (group of Prof. Dieter Willbold) defended her thesis which was entitled 'Characterisation of Amyloid β Membrane Interaction using Nanodiscs as a Model Membrane System'
  • Mario Schneider (group of Prof. Dieter Willbold/ Dr. Filip Oesterhelt) with the thesis 'Fluorescence fluctuation-based analysis of the amyloid-β 42 monomer'
  • Kazem Nouri (Prof. Reza Ahmadian's group) finished his PhD work with his thesis which was entitled 'Biochemical Characterization of RHO GTPases-IQGAPs and NPM1-US11/Rev interactions'


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